ellen forman

PranaMoon Yoga
@ The Hat Factory
1000 North Division Street, Peekskill, NY

From the front parking lot, enter the LEFT building through dark glass door. 
We are in Suite H, 2nd floor last door on the left. 

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As a bee seeks nectar

From all kinds of flowers

Seek teachings everywhere.

Like a deer that finds a quiet place to graze

Seek seclusion to digest all that you have gathered.

Like a mad one beyond all limits go where you please

And live like a lion completely free of all fear.

~ dzogchen tantra




PranaMoon's Winter Weather Policy

- Weekday morning classes will follow the Peekskill School District.  
- If the district cancels classes are canceled.
- If the district has a delay classes are canceled.

- Weekday evenings and weekends will be decided by the teacher according to weather conditions.
- When classes are canceled it will be posted on our Facebook page  & when possible E-mails will be sent to our community.

Parking At The Hat Factory

Please NOTE:
Please be aware:
Monday - Friday 9:30 or 10am

Please park in the lot all the way to the left, facing the trees, across from the front lot.

Please DO NOT park in the lot directly in front of the buildings.

This front lot is for the tenants who work at the Hat Factory ONLY on weekday mornings.

Evenings & Weekends ALL front parking lots are available.

Please DO NOT PARK in the FIRE LANE in Front Lot.

Thank you for your cooperation