Ellen truly reflects in her teaching the values and views she holds in her life. It is always a pleasure and benefit to me to have my day include a yoga practice with Ellen, yoga instructor nonpareil!
Judith Walsh, Garrison, NY

Ellen's class is especially wonderful for students wanting a moderately strenuous class. Ellen's teaching style is mature, grounded and gentle. I highly recommend her class to beginners and advanced students alike.
Patti Pelican, CYT, Cold Spring, NY

Ellen is the complete package: Genuine, caring & empowering. Marvelous!
Christopher S., Carmel, NY

Honestly for me yoga in Ellen's class is an absolute delight. We start out with meditation gathering ourselves to the present moment. Then for the next hour and half or so Ellen takes us to yoga heaven. I love it!!
Mary CD, Cold Spring, NY

I enjoy your yoga classes not only for the physical aspect, but for the inner self that we explore each week. You make me want to reflect upon the important things in life and not only think about them, but act upon them. From the little that I know about you, you seem to live each day practicing a purer sense of daily life, without getting caught up in a negative approach.
With great appreciation,
Lucy Joyner, Pleasantville, NY

Ellen uses an holistic approach where her suggestions and quiet encouragement allow for a truly individual practice in a class setting.

I began practicing yoga with Ellen about 7 years ago. She is a kind and gentle teacher who regularly introduces new postures, helps us refine traditional ones, and keeps us focused on our breathing. I look forward to each class because I always feel refreshed and peaceful.
Judy Chamberlain, (Pace University) Pleasantville, NY

Ellen's yoga practice is for me a heightened awareness embodied in her selection of postures and punctuated with a smile!
Giom, Cold Spring, NY

Ellen's guidance changed my life. She taught me the power of whole foods, how to listen to my body and care for myself in a new way. It is a gift of health that I cherish.
Cheri Baron, Peekskill, NY

Beware! Things happen quickly when you spend time Ellen! In weeks I went from a stressed out caffeine swilling workaholic to a health food store denizen with refrigerator over flowing with fruits and vegetables. Herbal brews replaced caffeine, mindfulness replaced eating on the run....and I fit back into my skinny jeans, fast! Nothing feels better than feeling good, from the inside out. So grab a body brush and start sloughing off the old…become renewed with Vibrant Living!
Kacey Morabito Grean, Cold Spring, NY

Thank you. The New Year's Juicing & Detoxing 3 Part Series was a lovely, inspiring and enriching experience.
Josette Dewey, Lake Peekskill, NY

Ellen helped me to change my approach to nourishment for the better. She did it with support and “you should”, rather than disapproval and “you must”. Months later I am still climbing the vibrant living ladder and loving it!

The other day I was at the beach and decided to go for a walk. I thought I would just jog for a bit and then continue walking. Instead, I just kept jogging, and jogging and jogging. I simply could not believe how effortless my breathing was. I was very relaxed as if I was still walking. I've never experienced anything like it before. I jogged for almost an hour, somewhere around six miles. Not bad, considering that I am not a regular jogger. Since I was exercising regularly prior to starting the cleanse, I attribute the positive effects I experienced while jogging to the cleanse. I think even years of regular exercise would not yield the same results.

Dan Benanav, Garrison, NY