FULL PINK MOON Nourish & Renew 
with Ellen
FRIDAY April 19th

Nourish & Renew with the FULL PINK MOON! The name Pink Moon comes from the pink flowers – phlox – that bloom in spring, marking a time when everything begins to sprout!

Our restorative practice will help us soak up the abundance of Full Pink Moon and spring energy. 

This nourishing class also includes sensory awareness, pranayama, mudras and meditation. Mindful awareness of the body plays a role in our stress resilience, contributing to our emotional balance and overall well being. Appropriate for all levels, everyone is welcome.

$20 drop-in  OR Use class card
Due to nature of class, use of props, walls, etc space is limited.

SPRING DATES: 4/19, 5/17



Mudras, Mantras & Meditation
A WORKSHOP with Ellen Forman
SATURDAY April 27th
$30 pre-reg / day of $40

Deepen and expand your practice with the healing and transformational powers of mudra, mantra and meditation. In this workshop we’ll explore the science and experience the benefits of these sacred practices to enhance well-being, creativity and empowerment. We will learn different mudras and mantras, their meanings, their effects, and how they can be woven into meditation practice. Workshop will also include mindful movement and opportunities for journaling and self-expression.

Space is limited




Simply Restorative: Glutes to Roots
with Jamie Jacobson
April 28th

The demand we place on our legs during Spring and Summer is greater as we return to our outdoor practices of running, walking, biking and/or hiking. This class will introduce you to deep stretch and self-care techniques that help release tension from the gluteals down to the toes. Restorative postures and breath work will help to integrate a sense of ease throughout the entire body. 

Space is limited
$20.00 or class cards apply


PRANAMOON Meditation for Transformation.png

Meditation for Transformation
Intro to Three Foundational Meditation Techniques
with Kathryn Fink
Saturday, May 18

Heard of the benefits of meditation for your mind and body but don’t know how to start? Or maybe you've tried but haven't yet found a practice that fits? Join this engaging intro workshop to learn three of the most direct forms of meditation to build awareness, resilience, and personal empowerment so that you can make lasting change in yourself and the world around you. You’ll gain the foundations of mindfulness and loving-kindness meditation, as well as role model visualization. We'll practice each together so you can leave knowing which type of meditation will be most impactful for you. You'll also receive resources for further practice, and you can join our monthly meditation group for communal support and ongoing guidance. All levels welcome!

What you get from this two hour workshop:

·       An intro to three foundational meditation practices in one class

·       Practical knowledge to begin to transform your relationship with yourself and others

·       Instruction rooted in tradition, neuroscience, and healing, led by a certified teacher 

·       Helpful content and guided meditations to take home

·       Community of like-minded people

For questions email
$30 early registration, $35 after May 10th


Kathryn Fink is certified to teach meditation by the Nalanda Institute of Contemplative Science, which combines neuropsychology with a non-colonialist approach to sharing traditional Indo-Tibetan Buddhist practices. She serves individuals in her community through coaching, ritual, and meditation to empower them to thrive personally and magnify their impact in the world.  Connect with her directly on Instagram @kathryn.a.fink or through email


unnamed (5).jpg

Yin Yoga with Lela
SUNDAY May 5th

Join Lela for her Yin Yoga Immersion and experience the benefits of a quieter, yet deeply felt style of yoga. By holding floor poses for up to 5 minutes we will bypass muscular effort in order to access the harder to reach connective tissues and fascia that comprise our joints. Explore and release the tension in your hips, legs, and spine for an experience of “juiciness” in your joints that will give you an ease and lightness of body as well as a refreshed, stillness of mind.




Hustle + Flow. 
be untraditional. 
with Kristi Gione

This all level, fast paced yoga flow class set to hip hop beats is the non-traditional path to a stronger practice. The heart pumping, sweat inducing workout of Kristi’s Hustle + Flow Vinyasa Class will leave you feeling energized and blissed out.

Open mind, Open heart and Positive vibes only. 

$20.00 or class cards apply

Spring Dates: 5/10, 6/7