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Yin Yoga with Lela
Sunday January 14th

Experience the benefits of a quieter, yet deeply felt style of yoga. By holding floor poses for up to 5 minutes we will bypass muscular effort in order to access the harder to reach connective tissues and fascia that comprise our joints. Explore and release the tension in your hips, legs, and spine for an experience of “juiciness” in your joints that will give you an ease and lightness of body as well as a refreshed, stillness of mind.

Fee: $25.00
Space is limited. 
Please pre-register:

Winter Dates: 1/14, 2/11, 3/18



Nourish & Renew: With Ellen
Friday January 19th


Our practice will focus on finding ease in the body and the mind with breath awareness, somatic movements and deep relaxation in restorative poses.
This nourishing class also includes sensory awareness, pranayama, mudras and meditation. Mindful awareness of the body plays a role in our stress resilience, contributing to our emotional balance and overall well being. Appropriate for all levels, everyone is welcome.

$20 drop-in / Bonus discount for PranaMoon class card holders: Your class card applies!

Due to nature of class, use of props, walls, etc space is limited.
To reserve your space: Nourish&Renew1/19

Winter Dates: 1/19, 2/16, 3/16


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Connect with Your Higher Self
A workshop with Mary Ellen O'Brien
Saturday, January 20th
2:30- 4pm

Join Mary Ellen O'Brien, Intuitive Coach, for a short yet powerful workshop to deepen your connection to your higher self. There will be a guided meditation, a self-discovery exercise and discussion. This workshop is designed for you to energetically experience your higher self. When centered in this way, you have greater access to your inner guidance, aliveness and inspiration.

Note: Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a mat & cushion to sit on (or you can use the studio's).

$30 in advance, $35 drop-in
Register here to save your spot:

Mary Ellen O’Brien, CPCC, is a Workshop Leader and Intuitive Coach. She helps people awaken their true essence and experience more joy, balance and fulfillment in their lives. Through a variety of exercises, she guides people to overcome limiting beliefs and to clearly receive the wisdom of their inner guidance. They align with the energy of their higher self and attract ideas, people, places and opportunities that match their soul's path. She offers in-depth group programs as well as individual programs.



HOT Hip Hop Yoga with Brigid
Friday February 2nd

Sweat your bliss flow that has been 16 years in the making.  Lose the baggage, while you listen to music that has been able to move crowds and share beliefs without restraint.  Hip hop has maintained an “of the people, by the people and for the people” culture.

$20 drop-in / Bonus discount for PranaMoon class card holders: Your class card applies! 
To reserve your space: HIPHOP2/2

Winter Dates: 2/2, 3/2



MOVE to Deep Rest
with Elizabeth
Sunday February 25th


Begin your week with a relaxed mind and body. Move with an all level Vinyasa practice and then find deep relaxation with Yoga Nidra.  About Yoga Nidra: Yoga Nidra is a conscious relaxation practice that brings physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. Find a relaxed, blissful state that brings profound benefits including decreased anxiety, stress relief and improved sleep. Yoga Nidra is also called Yogic sleep and leaves you feeling peaceful and calm. 

$20 drop-in / Bonus discount for PranaMoon class card holders: Your class card applies! 

Reserve your space here: MovetoDeepRest1/
Dropins Welcome!

For more info: Elizabeth or 914-382-6733

For information about Yoga Nidra go to: Yoga Nidra

Winter Dates:  2/25, 3/25



FREE & Experimental
LiFe Drawing for Yogis
Date to TBD

let us know if you are interested & we'll find a time on the calendar

contact ellen for details