Class Descriptions


Alignment Flow is a slower paced, uplifting class with a focus on alignment and breath. This class features both flowing movements and opportunities to hold postures to create strength.  Great for beginners as well as advanced students. 

Energize is sequenced to build core strength, inner stability and vitality. Practice includes active vinyasa to align and invigorate. Some yoga experience is helpful.

Evolution Flow This class is set to a fast fun playlist and is a 12 week build up to a strong, well balanced yoga practice. It is designed for the student who would like to challenge themselves by building on the basic asanas (poses) and evolve to a stronger more advanced yoga practice. We will start week 1 on the basic fundamental poses and each week build up to more challenging postures until our advices 12th week. (don’t worry if you jump in in the middle of a cycle there will be modifications and variation offered!) This is a total body workout that creates longer, leaner muscles and a body with more mobility and improved circulation.  We recommend students of ALL levels to begin their yoga evolution.

EmPOWERed Flow This 90 minute class is for the yogi that would like to ramp up their practice and explore more advanced postures. We will explore complex movements and sequences including arm balances and inversions layered over solid foundations. This fast-paced class is designed to build heat and strength, while improving flexibility set to a backdrop of current upbeat music. We recommend students that have a solid base knowledge of fundamental poses and is ready to feel empowered to take their practice to the next level.

Gentle is sequenced for reducing stress and restoring balance. Geared for students who are new to yoga or for those who prefer a gentle, soothing vinyasa practice. This class will move at a deliciously slow pace as we gently open the energy lines. The focus will be on the healing effects of the breath, proper alignment and positive energy. This practice includes pranayama, meditation, and deep relaxation to sooth the nervous system and calm the mind.

Open Vinyasa is geared for ALL levels. In this up lifting vinyasa class each student will experience his/her own personal journey finding increased strength, balance, flexibility, and a sense of personal growth and discovery. 

Prenatal Yoga is a gentle flowing practice to help ease the discomforts associated with pregnancy and to create the strength, flexibility and stamina to help prepare for giving birth. Prenatal yoga is for women at all stages of pregnancy, both pre and postnatal. No previous yoga experience necessary. *

Rise & Shine: Yoga as Activism is a rhythmic and devotional practice that aligns the body, calms the mind, and opens the heart. This full spectrum practice is geared for ALL Levels and perfect for early risers. Wake up and celebrate your radiant life while you support cause that matter. Portion of proceeds will be donated to different causes.

Teen Reboot: Yoga, Meditation & Empowerment: Through yoga, meditation and education, kids ages 12-18yrs learn mindful techniques to help lower stress, develop concentration skills, awareness of themselves and others, improve their memory and develop compassion while having fun. Discussion, yoga, and various meditation practices will be introduced. A notebook and pencil are required for class. Sign up for series or drop-in. *


Yin Yoga with Lela. Experience the benefits of a quiet, yet deeply felt style of yoga. By relaxing into long held floor poses, muscular effort is bypassed and the fascia and connective tissues that form our joints becomes more supple. The tension and stiffness in our hips, legs and spine is replaced with a sense of ease and spaciousness. Explore this meditative style of yoga for an experience of "juiciness" in the joints as well as cultivating a refreshed, stillness of mind.

Nourish & Renew with Ellen. Nourish yourself through self-care, reducing stress and healing. Practice will include somatic yoga, restorative poses, pranayama, mudras, mantra and meditation.  

Hip Hop Yoga with Brigid. Sweat your bliss flow that has been 16 years in the making.  Lose the baggage, while you listen to music that has been able to move crowds and share beliefs without restraint.  Hip hop has maintained an “of the people, by the people and for the people” culture. 

MOVE To Deep Rest with Betsy. Begin your week with a relaxed mind and body. Move with an all level Vinyasa practice and then find deep relaxation with Yoga Nidra.  About Yoga Nidra: Yoga Nidra is a conscious relaxation practice that brings physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. Find a relaxed, blissful state that brings profound benefits including decreased anxiety, stress relief and improved sleep. Yoga Nidra is also called Yogic sleep and leaves you feeling peaceful and calm. 


Intro to Yoga is a four week series that will introduce you to the basic asanas (postures) and breathing techniques. Gain confidence in your body, increase your flexibility and reduce stress. Discover the benefits of yoga to create a healthy body, calm mind and positive spirit. This series is offered a few times a year. Email ellen@pranamoonyoga.com for details about the next session.

Vibrant Living Juicing & Detoxing: 3 Part Series and The Benefits of Plant Based Nutrition, where students learn about positive lifestyle choices to enhance energy, attitude and overall well-being. Email ellen@pranamoonyoga.com for details about the next session.

Series * 

* On-going series, drop ins welcome: Prenatal & Teen Yoga & mediation