OUR NEW Happy HOUR with Brianna
Drop in $15 or Class cards & UNLIMITED Apply

FRIDAY Happy Hour Come get your energy flowing and ready for the weekend! This Uplifting All Level vinyasa class will leave you feeling energized and refreshed.


We WELCOME Brianna Nimphius to our teaching community

Brianna will be teaching Our NEW Happy HOUR  5:00-6:00pm on FRIDAYS
You can also join Brianna for ENERGIZE on SATURDAY at 10:15am beginning JULY 20th 

Brianna Nimphius is a 200 hour CYT after completing her training with All Yoga in Thailand. Additionally, she received her AcroYoga certification through AcroYoga International in Argentina. Her ultimate goal is to bring yoga to everyone! She has studied Recreational Therapy and Health Science, which has helped bring her to build her philosophies in holistically treating the mind, body and spirit with fun/play. Brianna believes that it is everyone's right to be healthy and happy! Her teaching style reflects this philosophy by adapting her classes to fit varying groups of students. 


ENERGIZE with Brianna!
Starting THIS Saturday JULY 20th

Energize is an uplifting vinyasa flow class sequenced to build core strength, inner stability and vitality. This practice aims to align and invigorate. All levels welcome. Some yoga experience is helpful.



Yin Yoga with Lela
SUNDAY July 21st

Join Lela for her Yin Yoga Immersion and experience the benefits of a quieter, yet deeply felt style of yoga. By holding floor poses for up to 5 minutes we will bypass muscular effort in order to access the harder to reach connective tissues and fascia that comprise our joints. Explore and release the tension in your hips, legs, and spine for an experience of “juiciness” in your joints that will give you an ease and lightness of body as well as a refreshed, stillness of mind.

QUESTIONS: leelmt@gmail.com



Monthly Meditation: Mindfulness With Kathryn Fink

Awareness is the root of personal transformation. Empower your mind and body with mindfulness meditation that is grounded in neuroscience, tradition, and healing. You will soak up a foundational understanding of mindfulness meditation, we’ll practice together as a group, and you’ll take away resources to support you on your journey. 

This is part of an ongoing series on the first Saturday of the month, where you can learn powerful forms of meditation to help transform your relationship to yourself and others—sign up for a single class or join all three at a discount.

  • Friday August 16th 6:15-7pm: Role Model Visualization - Become your own hero

What you get from each monthly session:

  • An introduction to one of the most impactful forms of meditation

  • Practical knowledge to begin to transform your relationship with yourself and others

  • Instruction rooted in tradition, neuroscience, and healing, led by a certified teacher

  • Helpful content and guided meditations to take home

  • Time for to ask questions about your practice 

  • Community of like-minded people

$20 single class


PhotoStephanieScavelli (1).jpg

WELCOME Stephanie Scavelli to our teaching community!

Stephanie will be teaching OPEN Vinyasa at 6pm on Mondays during July & August.
Join her to kick off your Summer Practice.

NOTE: Karen is on hiatus...until September.

Stephanie passionately creates space for people to experience their own immense power to self-soothe, enjoy life and deepen their awareness of being alive. Inspired to work as a yoga instructor, she is also a lifelong practitioner of herbalism and skilled mushroom forager. Stephanie has relied upon yoga through periods of good and poor health since childhood through motherhood to serve her as a moving meditation and regular fitness routine. Her teaching style is most notably influenced by her time studying proper body mechanics with Tiffany Cruikshank of Yoga Medicine. Stephanie’s philosophical teachings embody ahimsa and striving to do more good than harm with this lifetime.

As is said in the Bhagavad Gita,“Yoga is the practice of tolerating the consequences of being yourself.”

Learn more about Stephanie Alana at www.yogaforager.com.


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Yoga for the Senses: What’s Really Going On?
A Workshop with Jamie Jacobson & Jennifer Marvin
SATURDAY September 7th
4:30-7:00 PM

Yoga philosophy teaches us to use the Gunas or qualities of nature as a lens to view our bodies and the environment. This presents an opportunity to change the internal and external dialogue with which we engage. Yoga for the Senses will begin with a sensory driven exploration of the lower limbs or root chakra, specifically looking at how the body responds to various approaches to the same form. Next, we will examine how movement, site, sound, and the absence of these senses can be utilized to create space for deeper awareness. Yoga philosophy, Asana, Pranayama and Meditation color our journey actively as well as passively, ultimately, redirecting thought patterns. Join us on the mat for this dynamic exploration through the senses.