Kundalini YOGA
with Pritam Bani Kaur

Kundalini Yoga is total mind, body and spirit fitness. Using a combination of breath, body locks (Bhandas), Mudra, Mantra and Meditation Kundalini Yoga systematically raises and strengthens inner vital energy. Kundalini Yoga is very effective in balancing and repairing the Glandular, Central Nervous and Immune Systems. Pritam Bani will lead you through a Kriya designed to work on the movement of internal energy, removing emotional barriers, focusing on a specific area of the body and elevating your spirit. During Shavasana, gongs and assorted other instruments are used during this time to promote vibrational healing and instill complete relaxation.

WEEKLY Kundalini YOGA 
Friday at 11am begins 9/13

DROPIN: $15.00 or Class Cards

Sunday at 4pm begins 10/27

DROPIN: $20.00


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First Fridays Meditation With Kathryn Fink
FRIDAY September 13th
6:15-7pm (following Happy Hour!)

Empower your mind and body with meditation that is grounded in neuroscience, tradition, and healing. Every month, you'll soak up practical understanding of a core meditation practice from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. (See class flyer for this month's focus.) We’ll practice together as a group, and you’ll take away resources to support you on your journey. 

What you get from each session:

  • Practice one of the most impactful forms of meditation

  • Understand the benefits from a traditional and contemporary lens

  • Encourage ongoing exploration with take-home content and guided meditations

  • Ask questions about your practice

  • Join a community of like-minded people

NOTE: Our First Friday is moved to the 2nd FRIDAY for September

Friday September 13th 6:15-7pm

$15 single class, or only $10 if you also attend the Happy Hour yoga class right beforehand at 5pm. All levels welcome!

Questions or to find out more about Kathryn visit:



Yoga Nidra for Self-Healing
with Kellen Knight
FRIDAY September 20th

Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness in which our body is asleep, and our mind is in a state of relaxation with expanded awareness; similar to that of deep meditation. In this form of consciousness, our mind and body are able to renew and heal.  Done entirely lying down in a comfortable position, students are guided through an extensive body scan which allows for deep relaxation. As the body relaxes and releases tension, and the mind stills, our own healing energy is able to move freely, promoting optimal health. Yoga Nidra has been proven to regulate the nervous system, reverse heart disease, improve sleep, enhance awareness, as well as many other physical, emotional and mental benefits.

$20 drop-in or class card applies

To learn more about Kellen visit:



INNER KNOWING: The Wisdom of Embodiment

with Heidi Schaul-Yoder
SATURDAY September 21st
FEE: Pre-Reg $30 / Day Of $35

Commune with the deeper layers of yourself as you gently unravel tension from your tissues, and make space for new ways to move, breathe, and be. Our bodies are treasure troves of information, directing our attention toward what is most essential and needed in any moment. In this workshop, we will use a combination of self-massage, mindful movement, and somatic meditation to slow down and bring curiosity and deep listening to the language of sensation. We’ll explore new ways of moving and relating to our physical and energetic selves that can start to loosen the stuck, habitual patterning in our bodies and minds, and rewire our nervous system for an embodied experience of safety, ease, and freedom. Cultivate a feeling of expansion and vitality as you tune into the storehouse of wisdom that is housed within your being. 

Heidi Schaul-Yoder is passionate about helping people reconnect to the wisdom of their bodies. Through her own journey of healing from physical injury and emotional stress, Heidi came to develop a deep fascination with the mind-body connection. With advanced trainings in anatomy, therapeutic movement, and mindfulness, she takes a holistic approach to wellness and integrates precise alignment, breath work, and awareness practices. Originally trained as a classical violinist, Heidi brings her refined sense of presence and attunement, and loves creating a space for students to discover their wholeness and innate healing potential. Heidi offers private yoga instruction and group classes in NYC and is also currently in training as a psychotherapist at the Gestalt Center for Psychotherapy and Training. She is a certified Yoga Tune Up® and Aligned Flow teacher, and is grateful to have completed studies with Jill Miller, Leslie Kaminoff, and Bo Forbes.

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Intro To YOGA
4 week series with Brianna Nimphius
September 28th - October 19th

Discover the benefits of yoga to create a healthy body, calm mind and positive spirit. This 4 week series will introduce you to the basic asanas (postures) and breathing techniques. Gain confidence in your body, increase your flexibility and reduce stress.

Fee $90.00
(includes: 4 week series with handouts & one on-going class )

Questions or to reserve your space: or call ellen @ 845.528.0318
You can also RESERVE & PURCHASE online with link below.



Yin Yoga with Lela
SUNDAY September 22nd

Join Lela for her Yin Yoga Immersion and experience the benefits of a quieter, yet deeply felt style of yoga. By holding floor poses for up to 5 minutes we will bypass muscular effort in order to access the harder to reach connective tissues and fascia that comprise our joints. Explore and release the tension in your hips, legs, and spine for an experience of “juiciness” in your joints that will give you an ease and lightness of body as well as a refreshed, stillness of mind.




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Pelvic PowHer with Tara Gregoria
SATURDAY October 12th
Early Bird 30 / Day of $35

Strengthen your core + pelvic floor without 1,000 Kegels a day!

Tara’s signature class, Pelvic Pow-HER is a Pilates-based, pelvic care fitness class for women of all ages.  In this workshop, you’ll discover how to stretch and engage your pelvic floor muscles so that you’ll have less low back pain, less periodic bladder leaking, and tighten the gap of your abdominal separation.  

The workshop will end with a Pilates-based mat class, weaving in the pelvic floor exercises so you leave energized and confident on how to care for your body.  

This workshop is great for women who:

√ have an abdominal separation

√ experience periodic bladder leaking

√ have pain from a C-section or Episiotomy

√ are in menopause

√ have lumbar disc degeneration

√ have had chemotherapy

To find out more about Tara and pelvic care exercises go to 

Tara Gregorio, Founder of Pelvic Pow-HER & Home Remedies For Children, is a seasoned Pilates instructor with over 18 years experience in the health and fitness industry. A STOTT PILATES® Lead Instructor Trainer, Tara has led thousands of teachers-in-training through the certification process. It wasn’t until birthing her twins naturally when she realized the importance of women’s pelvic floor health, which led her to teach her signature class – Pelvic Pow-HER.  While raising twins, Tara also became a Certified Women’s Herbal Educator with Dr. Aviva Romm and currently offers online courses for new moms and their children to reduce medications all year long.  When Tara isn’t chasing around her twin-six-year-olds, she enjoys hiking, gardening, and taking a yoga class. Learn more about Tara and natural remedies for women and children @ 



Nourish & Renew: Restorative Yoga
with Ellen
FRIDAY October 11th

Come destress and recharge your batteries through a restorative practice.  We'll find center, reset our nervous system and smooth out the wrinkles in our minds.  This nourishing class also includes sensory awareness, pranayama, mudras and meditation.  Mindful awareness of the body plays a role in our stress resilience, contributing to our emotional balance and overall well being.  Appropriate for all levels, everyone is welcome.

$20 drop-in or class card applies
Due to nature of class, use of props, walls, etc space is limited.